Princess Series

Lace n Things

Another magical collaboration with an all girl group of creatives! We met at FD Photo Studio in DTLA with some very feminine and dreamy concepts in mind. Lauren was on make-up, Jac on wardrobe and Maggie behind the lends. I haven't done a frilly cute set in so long that it felt almost unnatural to be soft and delicate.. I've been shooting so much moody and 'cool girl' concepts it definitely gave me a challenge. 

I also think this is a perfect set to spot the difference from last year's photoshoots coming into this year, 2017, photoshoots. I've focused on my goals of clearing my skin, wearing little to no make up and getting my body in the best shape of my life. It has been a struggle finding the 'healthy' way to be thin and lean without cutting my diet in half. Other people who aren't in this industry look down on this view of ourselves but from a personal perspective, this is my job! It is my job to heave clear skin, young and vibrant energy and a gorgeous body. Naturally, this industry prefers thinner women for swimsuit and lingerie because absolutely every bump and imperfection is seen on camera as 'fat'.. I can safely say I am proud of finding what works for my body while staying nourished and energized. Let's celebrate our bodies and the immaculate things it can do.

Can't wait for what this year holds with a new mindset and fresh images to add to an already strong portfolio! Hope you guys like this set as much as I do. Maggie's editing has me excited on this one!

Photographer: @maggiekeatingphotography 

MUA: @laurenkeyesMUA 

Styling and wardrobe: @herwearabouts

Studio: @FDPhotoStudio