Exploring Pumpkin Patches

When you just vibe

This was my first time ever meeting Allegra.. and ever since, to this day, she is one of my top favorite cool photographers! She has shot for numerous brands you may know like VS Pink, Pacsun and Free People, but she is so casual, sweet and fun you would think she does this as a side job. Oh wait! She does. She is a full time student looking toward a future of journalism and travel.

I look up to this woman in so many ways and could sincerely call her a sister after shooting more since this one in October to having girl conversations about life. I am graced with these type of people which I would say is the biggest perk of my job. We goofed around a pumpkin patch for a couple hours and became friends after I pulled an all nighter and wore the same make up from the day before. No idea how she created a masterpiece from dust!

Photographer: @messinaphotos