Brand Collaborations x @TheLifeOfLibs


Aesthetic and Public Figure

Liberty has flourished in the past year for her positive message, healthy lifestyle tips and photos that flaunt what every girl wants. She is beauty and brains, with motivational daily reminders on her IG and behind the scenes of her life as a model, blogger and public figure.

What gear does she use?

She taught herself how to use a professional camera because she wanted to bring her vision to life- and she continued onto professional retouching in Photoshop and Lightroom to polish every photo, something filters just cannot do.  


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

-Main lens 

50mm f1.4 priority lens

-Travel lens

24-105mm f1.4 zoom lens

-Secondary lens

85mm f1.4 secondary lens

What should I expect when working for an Instagram collaboration with Liberty?

A very broad outline to a collaboration, depending on the agreement, usually goes easy and smooth.

After the agreement has been finalized, Liberty will choose product (if applicable) of her choice that she feels will fit her brand. She chooses things that her audience loves (skincare, fitness and health, juicing, street style fashion, lifestyle, travel, modeling, etc). Once she sends links, sizes and her address, the brand will ship product to her. She styles the outfit, shoots it with her photographer, edits the photo and posts it within 2 weeks with handles tagged. 

She is very transparent and fun to work with. You can count on the quality of her images from the camera she uses to how she professionally edits in photoshop. She wants her images to be campaign worthy. Something you will see on a billboard. 

What brands has she worked with?

Fashion Nova, Forever 21, Aeropostale, Princess Polly, Gooseberry Intimates, Frankies Bikinis, LF Stores, Shoe Dazzle, Just Fab, Quay Australia, Jules Smith Jewelry, Wrangler, Boyish Jeans, Sub Urban Riot, San Diego Hat Company, Eminesce Skincare, Coola Suncare, I. Am. GIA. The label, Nakd Fashion, Pretty Little Thing, We are H.A.H., Rebels Footwear, etc

Will she do collaborations for gifting only?

Yes, but only for brands that she feels fits her aesthetic best or depending on her demand. She likes to work with brands long term, so typically a benefit would be a Brand Ambassador or long term collab that benefits everyone! She is open to pitching. 

Can she travel?

Yes! She loves to travel and has a passport.

Where can I contact her?

Send Liberty your brands pitch here!