Max Thompson

In between the madness

Changing things around after this blog to more of a stylized blog/instagram! Collaborations such as this will be "featured" so I am able to be sane without working 60 hour weeks to keep up with the amount of content I need. So, enjoy this because there won't be many tests after this! Instead, some awesome things are coming in the mail for me to start creating my own images. 

Guys, I am SO excited to share this new chapter with you! I will be styling all of my shoots from here on out (besides the "featured" collaborations) and photoshopping/color correcting ev-ry-thing. AKA I will be spending less time driving around the world and back in one day for a couple images, and instead setting them up only when I can shoot. That way, my content will be more consistent, sharable and a better way to get to know me in my normal life instead of everything being 'set-up'... My goal for 2k17 is to really let you guys in. Show you how I roll and what I do! I want you along the ride and less conveyor belt work. 

Here's to a creative future with all the pressure on me! YAY! hahah no really, I'm stoked. 

About this blog:

A friend of mine has a home in the hills, the "Hercules Hideout," and allowed me to pop inside for a bit to shoot with Max. We jumped around in swim, rainbows and some sexier stuff. Just played around with light and enjoyed our afternoon before he jetted off to Paris! Love how these turned out!

Photographer: @MaxThompson