Hawkers Sunglasses

No Sleep Team

I got a call at 3:45pm from my agent asking if I could make a last minute shoot.. And of course I couldn't turn it down but let's flash back to the last couple of days. I have been working NON. STOP. By non-stop I mean like an average of 3... THREE.. photoshoots per day, driving like a maniac across Los Angeles traffic and shoving as many Oreo Quest Bars down my throat to stay alive. No time for food. No time for my very much needed afternoon naps. Barely enough sleep to make it through... but WOW!!!..I am one happy girl. This is what i came for. 

We paraded through McDonalds and Hollywood Boulevard in our bikinis, had a twerk contest on the local bus and hung out of a flying helicopter as the city of angels lit up for the weekend. Did this feel like work? No. Welcome to the Hawkers family.