Beau Simmons

Guerrilla Style

If you're from LA, you already know what my title means... but if not, you're probably wondering how Guerrilla Style corresponds with our shoot at all.. 

Guerrilla style: A form of filmmaking and/or shooting with a skeleton crew, using only props that are available, going to a location without a permit or shot quickly in a certain area

This probably kind of sounds illegal but I swear it's not.. We do it all the time! ( I can hear my dad saying "That doesn't make it right though.." ) But I promise you this is a safe and surprisingly effective form of shooting. Especially for days like today with Beau Simmons, a fashion photographer based in Laguna Beach. We wanted to get a little grungy and authentic for a shoot, so we whipped around in our little car and shot in various locations in Hollywood. This is by far some of my favorite fashion images... I believe it captures my true moodiness and attitude. I'll let my dad tell you if that is correct though!