Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Lovely Lady of the Day is featured for models and influencers. This month, I had the pleasure of getting a full feature by SI with a serious of photos from my Instagram. Check out the images and the full spread here

ElleMer Swim

Theres nothing like a red, hot golden hour on a sunny day. We seized the moment on our first ever photoshoot with Garrett by putting him under some pretty, I admit, [unrealistic] pressure. Just 15 minutes to shoot 2 bikinis of me up to agency & portfolio standards. 

Max Thompson

Inside all the craziness, I have decided to switch the tone up these days! Spent one last afternoon testing with Max and will now be creating my own content from here on out! Only testing a couple times per month for the blog

Venice Canals

It's 70 degrees in January following the little pathways and running our fingers along the wood fences talking about life with a person I've never met. Each shoot brings me to days like this and it makes me love my job more and more!